BCSO Releases Investigation Results into Mexico Beach Police Dept.

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Mexico Beach- Mexico Beach city officials asked for the sheriff's office investigation in July. Two incidents involving Patrolman Jesse Burkett lead to troubling behavior by Corporal Deborah Everett and former Police Chief Brad Hall.

The first incident happened on November 3, 2011. During a fire department meeting, Patrolman Burkett removed an unattended child form the public safety department. That child turned out to be the son of Volunteer Firefighter Dan Christopher.

Christopher eventually filed battery charges against Burkett, but the sheriff's office investigation found that was not his original intention. He told investigators he would have been satisfied with an apology from Burkett, but claimed former Chief Brad Hall coerced him into filing the charges.

As a result, investigators found Hall violated a truthfulness policy, saying he lied to his employees about the city not allowing him to take action against Burkett.

The second incident with Burkett involved firefighter William Wilson. Wilson claimed Burkett battered him in December 2011. But he also told sheriff's investigators he didn't didn't want to file criminal charges, only doing so after chief Hall told him the city would not allow him to take action against Burkett.

The report also found Corporal Deborah Everett displayed conduct unbecoming of an officer and dealing with workplace harassment. They said she became so involved in bringing Burkett down, she pressured witnesses to pursue criminal charges against him.

This and other questionable activity lead city officials to fire Everett from the police force. Chief Hall retired in early October before BCSO released the investigation's results. Burkett received a written letter of counseling for insubordination.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement's investigation into the Mexico Beach Police Department is still ongoing.

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