Baby Rescued After Fire Erupts in Mobile Home

A Panama City family is struggling to find a new home after their mobile home caught on fire Saturday night.

Bay County Fire Services say the call came in at around 10:30 last night.

They were on scene two minutes later to find the mobile home was a complete loss.

The owners says she believes it originated from the living room area.

No one was injured and there was no serious damage to nearby trailers, although they are very close together.

Neighbors say they saw the owner of the mobile home throw her baby out the window into someone's hands to avoid the flames.

Neighbor, Kimberly Gates said, " I ran outside and got as far away as possible. And my boyfriend had his truck literally he parks it right by the back door and i park here. And he moved his truck. Thank god a second later we couldn't have moved it would have been too hot."

Panama City Fire Rescue was also on scene.

The fire was reported under control just past 11 o'clock Sunday night.