Baldwin Road Widening Approved

BAY COUNTY-- Bay County Commissioners approved the funding for phase 3 of the Baldwin Road widening project.

The plans call for 4 laning Baldwin from Harrison Avenue, east across Highway 77 to Minnesota Avenue, just past Haney Technical Center.

That's about one mile of road work.

The project also includes new traffic signals, turn lanes, lighting, sidewalks and bike paths.

Commissioners are hoping to have the work completed within two years, but they aren't committing to any deadlines.

"A lot of the timeline depends on what the weather's going to be," Bay County Commissioner Mike Nelson said, "but believe me when these guys get started, they go as far as they can because it means a lot to them economically."

Commissioners have agreed to pay $3.5 million for the project. The state will pay about $4 million.