Balloon Sinuplasty

Gordon Westbrook has tried every medication possible for his chronic sinus issues.
His next step was surgery.
Then Dr. Daniel Daube told Westbrook about what he calls the best alternative to surgery, Balloon Sinuplasty.
"People that have a lot of sinus infections or a lot of sinus symptoms that drive them crazy and aren't necessarily candidates for sinus surgery because of other medical problems or what ever this is a great option."
Westbrook says Dr. Daube explained this was a less invasive procedure and that he’d be in and out the same day."
Dr. Daube says Balloon Sinuplasty is so easy on the patient it can be done right in his office.
"First thing we do is get a ct scan, so that we can see what's going on and evaluate them here in the office.
They come in the morning of the procedure they take a valium so they're a little loopy.
They lay down, we spray medicine in their nose to numb them, we then go in with the device, we're able to put their nose up on a big screen TV... you know being a guy it's big t.v.
We then place a small wire in through the hole of the sinus the balloon slides over that. We inflate it a number of times backing out and we usually irrigate the sinus out while we're there."
Dr. Daube says it's the same premise as angioplasty which is done on heart patients.
He says 90% of his patients get up off the table and immediately feel better.
Westbrook says "It was everything he billed it to be... I wasn't apprehensive. Other than just a little discomfort feeling I needed to sneeze, no pain and I can feel immediate results right now just because I have passages I don't think I've been able to breathe out of really in years."
Dr. Daube says in the five years he's been doing Balloon Sinuplasty he's not had a repeat procedure yet.

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