Bank Robber Gets 17 Years

Bay County Circuit Judge Shonna Gay Thursday sentenced Jaylin Marquis Pittman to 17 years in prison for a Gulf County bank robbery.

Pittman pleaded straight up to robbery with a firearm midway through trial last month. Pittman, 19, of 112 Apollo Street, Port St. Joe, robbed Vision Bank while armed with a gun, which discharged during the robbery.

Pittman and two accomplices, Ricardo Clemmons and Deshaun Winfield, waited in the bushes outside Vision Bank the morning of Dec. 20 for a bank worker to arrive and unlock the door. They then rushed the employee, forced her into the bank and at that time the 40-caliber handgun discharged into a wall.

Clemmons stood watch outside with an AR-15 assault rifle while Pittman and Winfield collected the cash.

Under the 10-20-Life statute, and Pittman was facing up to life in prison. Clemmons, 21, who had entered a negotiated plea to robbery with a firearm prior to ittman’s trial, was also sentenced Thursday. He received his agreed-to penalty of six years in prison.

Winfield, 20, who entered a plea to robbery with a firearm, will be sentenced on Tuesday. He is expected to get his negotiated sentence of 10 years in prison.

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