Bar-L Ranch Brothers Awarded Cattlemen of the Year

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Marianna- For Blane Laramore, working on the Bar L Ranch his whole life hasn't been a job, It's been a way of life.

"We're feeding hay every day. Christmas eve, Christmas day, Thanksgiving- it doesn't matter you've got to be there. Cows are going to eat everyday and they can't eat without you. So, you've got to be there" Blane explained.

Tuesday, he and his brother Johnny received the Jackson County Cattleman of the Year award. "It means a lot to me" Blaine said.

But the hard work that earned the brothers their recognition did not come without sacrifice.

"It's not something for everybody" Blane said, "if so everybody would be in it. You sacrifice a lot and your family has to sacrifice with you. I have a daughter who helps me and some things i have to miss out on with her to be out here to do what I have to do."

Johnny and Blane are the third generation of Laramores on the Bar L Ranch. Their father was a past recipient of the Cattleman of the Year award as well. "If my granddaddy was alive he wouldn't ever believe where it is today" Blane said.

Despite all the changes over the years, he told us one thing had remained constant. "People are going to eat beef. They always have. A good steak, you can't beat it."

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