Baseball Tournament to be an Ecomonic Homerun for Chipley

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CHIPLEY-- Washington County is playing host this weekend to hundreds of visitors. The Dixie Pre-Majors World Series is taking place at the Chipley High School Baseball Complex. Supporters say the event will be an economic home-run for the area.

11 baseball teams from as far as Virginia will take part in the 2014 Dixie Pre-Majors World Series, from June 26th until June 30th.

"The tournament is actually a great benefit to the area of Chipley,” said Comfort Inn General Manager Akhil Bhatka. “Oh, it’s gonna help us big time, bring in a lot of money."

Getting the tournament here has been a 3 year process, and Heather Lopez with the Washington County Tourist Development Council shares the same feeling.

"We're estimating about 300,000 in economic impact to the area, so you know, these teams will be shopping our downtown,” explained Lopez. “They'll be eating in our restaurants."

The first game will kick off at 9 o'clock Saturday morning. Tickets will be $7, but if you are under the age of 12 tickets will be free.

Bhakta says the tournament brings something extra.

"The Baseball tournament brings an extra factor because they're just not one night, two night guest they're staying up to almost three four nights, plus."

Bhakta says the hotel has been booked for the past two weeks. There isn't much space in the city to house the nearly 2,000 people expected to visit.

"We are sending overflow to the neighboring counties. Jackson County, a lot of the overflow went to Marianna, so they will directly benefit from this as well."

The TDC will host a banquet tomorrow night at 6:00 to welcome the teams.