Bay BASE Rates Set to Change

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PANAMA CITY - Rates for the bay base after-school program will be changing next school year.

Currently, parents pay different weekly rates depending on the services their child receives. $45 for children who pay for their own school lunches, $40 for children on the reduced lunch plan, and $35 for those on the free lunch plan.

Tuesday, Bay County school board members approved a change, creating a flat $40 rate for all children. There's still a discount for parents that have multiple children.

"We can't charge the taxpayers to operate this bay base. We have to pass the cost on to the consumers because we don't have the funds to use for childcare that aren't directly tied to education," said Bill Husfelt, Bay District Schools Superintendent.

School officials haven't changed the bay BASE rates in a few years. The program's summer fees will go up this year to $65.