Bay Co. Habitat for Humanity Helps Another Family

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PANAMA CITY Another family is thanking the community and Habitat for Humanity for helping build its new home.

Dozens of volunteers from all over Bay County gathered at 342 Center Avenue for National Service Day.

Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent partnered to begin building their 67th home for a local family.

Habitat for Humanities is a nonprofit that helps builds affordable houses for people across the U.S.

Their goal is to eliminate poverty housing and make a decent shelter for people.

Families are given the homes at a reduce mortgage.

"We just want everyone to know that Habitat for Humanity is trying to help and eliminate that poverty housing in our communities and so this just helps another family get that stability and we know that and we've seen from recent homes that when a family gets a stable home, it helps the kids more in their schools and their life in complete and help them have that somewhere to stable to come back each day,” said Ivy Bacon, from Habitat for Humanity.

The Bay County Chapter has built dozens of homes for locals since 1992.