Bay Co. School Officials Disappointed With School Grades

BAY COUNTY-- Bay District School Officials say they're disappointed with this year's individual school grades.

The state released the scores Friday, showing "A's, 3 B's, 5 C's, and 10 D's.

But as Newschannel 7's Sanika Dange tells us, they're most concerned about the 4 schools that received F's and the impact on the entire district.

Bay county schools maintained its overall "C" grade this year, according to the Florida Department of Education's preliminary results, but there is some concern.

Cedar Grove, Lucille Moore, Oakland Terrace, and Everitt Middle school all received "F" grades.

Fourteen schools dropped a single letter grade.

"I was surprised but then again, I shouldn't have been because the bar - the bar to reach certain grades - has risen over the last couple years. We knew it was going to rise. We knew we would hit a wall where the scores would go down before they go up," Bill Husfelt, Superintendent Bay District Schools.

Superintendent of Bay District Schools Bill Husfelt attributes the falling grades to inconsistent standards.

In four years, the state switched standards four times.

"Teachers can't work any harder than they're working. What's happening though is everything around them is changing so fast, they can't keep up with it so what we have to do is figure out the best way to help them the best way we can."

But all Florida districts have had to keep up with changing standards.

Walton county received 4 "A"s, 4 "B"s, 2 "C"s, and no D's or F's.

Okaloosa county scored 20 "A"s, 3 "B"s, 6 "C"'s, and no D's or F's.

And Jackson county had only 1 "A" but no D's or F's.

Bay county's failing grades means the district has to find a way to fund an extra hour of instruction at some schools.

"We've got to figure out what we can do because you're talking about a lot of money to continue doing that."

School leaders are already trying to find ways to boost scores next year.

In Bay county, Sanika Dange, Newschannel 7.

Statewide, the number of "A" schools was up.

This was the last year the state will use the FCAT as the primary standardized test.

The new test will meet the common core standards, but Husfelt says the sample questions posted last week look even more difficult.