Bay Co. Still Urging Parents to Register Online

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Bay County School Administrators say they're surprised at how well the first day of classes went today.

In addition to the summer's campus renovations and uniform policy changes, administrators also implemented a new online registration process for parents.

Because of the introduction of a new process, principals and teachers of bay county were expecting much more of a scramble Tuesday morning.

Oakland Terrace Elementary School Administrators were expecting the lobby to be a little more crowded Tuesday morning.

Oakland Terrace Elementary Principal Lendy Willis, "We were anticipating a madhouse with registration this morning but it just didn't really materialize."

The school set up several extra computers in the office, anticipating last minute registrations.

They even invited School District personnel to help.

But by 8:15am, all the kids were already in classes.

Willis attributes the smooth morning to yesterday's open house orientation.

Student Services Coordinator Patty Phillips says, "There was just a big influx of parents that came yesterday that had not registered their students that they thought they did not need to register them since they had been at Oakland Terrace previously."

As of last week only 50% of parents had registered online.

By Monday afternoon it was up to a little more than 70%.

Administrators are hoping they'll have 90% of parents registered by mid-September.

School Board Member Steve Moss admits, "To be honest with you, we wished more parents would have gone online and pre-registered. It would've made today and this week a little smoother. That being said, we know it's a brand new program so it'll take time for our parents to learn."

Bay District Program Evaluator Dr. Lynn d'Albertis explains, "Parents can now see the whole picture of their child at school. They can see the discipline, they can see the attendance, they can see the grades…realtime."

The School District will start reminding parents to register online for the 2014-2015 school year next spring.

Administrators say the process should be easier, with parents just updating information.

On-line registration will be open until September 5th.

After that, parents will have to register at their children's individual schools.

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