Bay County Animal Control Accounting Problems?

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Bay County Animal Control is having to answer some tough questions on Monday. Their ultimate goal is to get animals into good homes, but it looks as if their accounting may need some work.

A lot of people across Bay County say there's some confusion with checks they've written to Bay County's Animal Control. For some, it's creating frustration and a financial burden.

Jacinda Dees is playing with what she considers her new child: Hera.

"I had a dog that I was very close to and she had died suddenly and I wanted to get another dog. They're kind of like my children," said Dees.

When Dees adopted the Labrador mix from Bay County Animal Control she wrote a check for the adoption fee and made a deposit promising she would have her spayed.

Dees was supposed to get that money back after showing proof of the surgery.

"While I was at the vet's office, they called the animal control and told them that we did have the dog spayed and faxed over the proof and we were told by animal control they would just shred the checks, so we didn't have to go back and get it and here it is month's later in May and they deposited the check," said Dees.

That $100 deposit is now creating a headache for Dees months after the adoption.

"They overdrafted my account. The way that I found it out was that I stopped to get gas and I didn't have the money in my account to pay for the gas," said Dees.

The county says the problem is affecting more than 400 people and they're trying to fix it.

"In this instance, we had some bad record keeping practices going on. It's an unfortunate situation. Refunds are being issued for people who can show that their animals have been fixed."

Dees was told her check would be deposited within 10 days when she wrote it in February. It was deposited in late May.

The county tells Newschannel 7 they will be depositing future sterilization deposits within three to five business days. They also say they're looking to extend the number of days to fix your adopted pet from five to thirty days.