Bay County Commission Approves Two Leases for EMS Take Over

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Bay County commissioners approved two leases Tuesday to house ambulances, equipment, and personnel.

The first is for the current EMS station on the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and East 5th Street, at Bay Medical Sacred Heart Hospital. It's $5,000 a month.

The lease is month-to-month, giving the county a 30-day option to leave if they find another place.

The other lease is the current EMS substation off North Tyndall Parkway in Callaway. It's a 2-year lease at $900 a month.

"But the service will not go lacking. There will not be any dip in the service. The quality of service of the EMS system will be as good or better no matter how they're located," said Bay County Commissioner, George Gainer.

Commissioners say they consider these two locations as temporary during the initial stages of this take over. The county plans to take over EMS operations in early October.