Bay County Commission Hear Agency Budget Requests

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PANAMA CITY-- Bay County commissioners went over 14 agency budget requests.

More than half of them sounded similar to this.

"What we are requesting is no more than what we requested in the past years."

8 agencies asked for the same amount of money they requested last year.

"We thank you for your support of last year and we think we bring some very good report to you."

The total amount of money requested is about $923,000, up from $775,000 dollars last year.

St. Andrews community medical center received $50,000 dollars last year.

Commissioners didn't hesitate to approve this year's request for $180,000 dollars.

"Well they certainly have proven their worth to our community, they do a tremendous job, in terms of providing supplemental medical assistance to those people in need," said Guy Tunnell, Bay County Commissioner.

But commissioners didn't approve every request.

The chemical addiction recovery efforts or c.A.R.E, requested $10,000; $6,000 more than last year.

But the organization is also asking the county to pick-up the $325,000 cost of a male residential facility.

"A operation of a four bed male residential component. We will try and provide those services in house and we have been doing so, but the managing entity did not see fit to fund the continuation of that," said Paul Bohac, C.A.R.E Board Member.

Commissioners were concerned over the accounting.

"They were saying like 41 dollars a day for four people and it wound up to 325-thousand dollars and that just can't be correct," said Mike Thomas, Bay County Commissioner.

C.A.R.E will provide the county with more information for commissioners to consider.

The also funded boys and girls club, and united way for the first time this year, giving each $10,000.