Bay County Commission Postpones Bonus Vote

PANAMA CITY - Bay County commissioners continued to consider budget requests from constitutional officers and more than a dozen agencies.

The biggest topic of discussion Thursday involved those one-time Bay County pay supplements or bonuses.

Commissioners voted to give commission employees the one-time bonus, which will cost more than $600,000, but commissioners couldn't come to a decision for the employees who work for the other constitutional officers.

"We're still glued to the thousand dollar commitment, but we also need to understand that what's been built into some budgets and what hasn't been. Trying to keep it as fair across the board as we possibly can," said Bay County Commission Chairman, George Gainer.

Commissioners say they'll vote on the proposal by early September.

The board also turned down a request by the Bay County Transportation Planning Organization for an additional $40,000 for the Bay Town Trolley System.

The TPO asked for a total of more than $90,000, but the commission voted to keep the budget around $50,000. It's the same as last year.

Panama City commissioners had already voted to turn down an extra $30,000 for the trolley.

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