Bay County Commission Proclaims 'Joe Moore Day.'

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PANAMA CITY - Coming down to the wire...Joe Moore will bring the news to Northwest Florida for a couple more days before he trades in his loafers for flip-flops.

Tuesday, Joe got a bit royal least for one day, the Bay County Board of County Commissioners took some time before their meeting to honor the forty-three years of dedication, community involvement, and journalistic integrity of one, Joe Moore.

Guy Tunnell, who is the Chairman for the board said, "It is a pleasure, Joe, to present this to you in recognition of your many days….Many years of professional service to this region, this county. Be it resolved that the Bay County Board of County Commissioners do hereby proclaim today, May 20th, 2014 as 'Joe Moore Day' throughout Bay County. Joe, congratulations."

There's not much to say that hasn't already been said these past few days, but everyone's big question is 'What's Joe gonna do?" Well he finally gave a somewhat straight answer…

"For the first month or two, just….bumming around a bit, but thank ya'll very, very much, appreciate you being my friends."

County Commissioner George Gainer added his own comments, "The board was proud to honor Joe Moore today. He and I started about the same time, back when dirt started (laughs) and he's quit before I did. Never figured him for a slacker. I figured he'd hang on 'til the end but I'm still down here carrying the flag."