Bay County Coordinating With Beach Regarding Scooter Regulations

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BAY COUNTY-- Right now, scooter rental businesses in the county require renters to wear safety vests and each scooter must be equipped with a flag.

Panama City Beach officials did away with flags last month because beach police say the vests were working well enough by themselves.

Bay County also adopted an insurance provision requiring a million dollars in liability coverage.

But the beach recently changed its insurance requirement. It calls for scooter rental businesses to carry $10,000 in coverage for each person involved in a crash, but limited to $20,000 per crash and $10,000 in property damage coverage.

"When they put the vest on, the city decided not to require the flags because they felt like it made quite a bit of difference just the vest for the companies that choose to use it. I understand there may be one or two that decided not to do that, which surprised me because its clearly a safety issue and we hope that everybody does that to be more safe," said Mike Thomas, Bay County Commissioner.

The Bay County attorney recommends commissioners match the beach's requirements.

All scooter rental companies on the beach must have insurance coverage by August 28.