Bay County Declares Dog Dangerous

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BAY COUNTY - A special magistrate found sufficient evidence to designate this brown and white male pitbull named "Tadpole" a dangerous dog during an administrative hearing today.

Several Grace Avenue neighbors testified the dog aggressively bite, attacked or endangered them.

Tadpole's owner Wendy Lyons also had the opportunity to question them.

After declared tadpole dangerous, special magistrate Jonathan Dingus spelled out the restrictions Lyons will have to meet to keep her pet, including fencing and insurance requirements.

This is also the first time the county has used a special magistrate for this process.

"In the past we have been relying on the code enforcement board which is comprised of volunteers to hear these kinds of cases. This is the first time we've used a special magistrate to do that and the reason is because its kind of a lot to ask from a volunteer. These are very difficult decisions that they're making so, we feel this is a better way to go about it," said Valerie Sale, Bay County Spokesperson.

Lyons has two weeks to adhere to the county's dangerous dog ordinance rules.

She also has the opportunity to appeal dingus' decision to the court system.

Tadpole is currently being held at the Bay County animal shelter.