Bay County Educator Retires After 35 Years

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A Bay County teacher celebrated her retirement today after teaching for 35 years.

But she says she's not ready to give up teaching just yet.

Nell Burdette's love for teaching may have her retiring - but she won't be out of the classroom for long.

Former student's, friends, family, and colleagues, gathered at Carlisle Baptist Church in Calloway Saturday night to celebrate Burdette's impressionable career.

After teaching at Parker Elementary and Springfield Elementary, students raved about how inspiring Burdette had been to them, and Burdette felt the same.

"Ms. Burdette was always very animated. that's what I remember her as being. Always exciting, full of joy and enthusiasm," said former student Chelsea Mathis.

"When I found out I couldn't have children, I found a way to have my own. So I went into teaching and it's been the most rewarding thing in my life. And these last few years have been the happiest ones. It's been a great ride I can't believe it's coming to an end," said Burdette.

Her drive to teach is bringing Burdette back into the class post-retirement to continue teaching. This time, though, she will be a volunteer.

She says that she's looking forward to enjoying her coffee in the morning without having to rush to school.

Kati Weis News Channel 7