Bay County Firefighters Put Community Safety First

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Twelve Bay County firefighters completed a 40 hour long specialized training course Sunday.

It's only offered once a year, but teaches crucial fire fighting tactics needed for attacking widespread fires.

Firefighter students climbed up a 100-foot ladder to learn how to direct water from elevated platforms.

Class instructors say this is a specialized course for already certified firefighters.

It's an opportunity to learn how to better serve the community - even on father's day.

Seth Imhof, a Bay County firefighter and instructor for the program, says,"it is not the time when firefighters are on scene, this is the time when we're out here training. So we'd rather learn it, be proefficient and be good at it, instead of bumping around in the field, especially at 2:30 in the morning on a house fire."

Robb Spivey, a firefighter and father to a two-year-old daughter, says, "it goes along with the job. We miss holidays, we miss birthdays, it's part of the commitment we give to our community.I'd love to be at home with my little one but she understands it and my wife gets it, so it's just part of it."

NIne of the 12 students were volunteers, and two of the three instructors were dads.