Bay County Gun Range Plans Move Ahead

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BAY COUNTY - Bay County commissioners are moving forward with plans for the county's own public gun range.

During Tuesday's commission meeting, commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding between the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation and the county.

The MOU would allow the FWC and county to develop and build a gun range at the Steel Field landfill off Highway 79.

The gun range at Campflowers Road off Highway 231 had previously been open to the public for a few weekends until early last month.

After seeing a lot of interest at the range, commissioners made the decision to find a location to open a permanent one.

"I'm excited about the potential that it has for not just bay county, but folks in this area with respect to firearms, shooting, and sporting guns and that sort of thing," said Bay County Commissioner, Guy Tunnell.

Previously area residents had expressed concerns about the noise of gunfire and whether they would be in danger.

The FWC division of hunting and game management reassured residents that the Steel Field landfill location wouldn't pose any noise or safety concerns.

Commissioners say the gun range should be up and running within a few months.

It will cost around $200,000 and will be funded by impact fees from the parks and recreation department.

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