Bay County Holds Emergency Conference

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PANAMA CITY- Bay County emergency officials moved the emergency operations center to level 2 Wednesday morning to respond to all of the calls they received or flooding and blocked roads.

But the task was somewhat overwhelming.

"I can tell you there's more overflow ditches than there are county personnel and deputies out there working," said Frank McKeithen, Bay County Sheriff.

"We are doing everything we possibly can and it kind of gets to the situation where folks have to use common sense and look out for dangerous situations. They know they're neighborhoods better than we do," said Guy Tunnell, Bay County Commission Chair.

During Wednesday morning's news conference, bay county officials said they are doing their best to get to every call and every incident around town.

"We won't always be able to get to these areas that are flooded and so it puts a strain on all our services," said Brad Monroe, Bay County EOC Deputy Chief.

Authorities say they're concerned about the deer point reservoir.

The drawdown gates have been opened since 7:20 Monday morning.

"Everybody in this county where they live are going to see something in their area that's flooding, whether it be a ditch. Whether it be a small bridge," said McKeithen.

The county has opened a shelter to help evacuees.

Registered sex offenders and predators who can't stay at home and have no place to go, can stay at the bay county jail.

If you need immediate assistance call bay county emergency management officials at 784-4000.