Bay County Honors Firefighters and First Resonders

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Bay County honored dozens of firefighters and first responders Thursday afternoon during their annual Fire Service Award Ceremony.

About 30 firefighters from 13 different Bay County fire stations received awards.

Chiefs Mark Bowen and Darryl Wise handed out kudos for years of service, administrative duties and saving lives.

All while family, friends and colleagues look on.

Bowen says moments like this are his favorite part of his job.

"Oh, it's the best part of this job. You know, meeting these men and women and getting to know their families," said Bowen.

"The cliche thing to say, or the socially acceptable thing to say when accepting an award such as this would be, 'I was just doing my job.' in all reality, it's the truth," said Medal of Valor recipient Nate Pennington.

The ceremony took place at the County Government Complex on West 11th Street.

It's the first award ceremony since 2011.