Bay County Job Fair Draws Dozens of Employment Opportunities

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - More than 70 business managers interviewed eager job seekers for most of the day in the commons area of school. Some of the jobs residents could apply for include retail, television production, and hospitality.

Some business owners from the Bay County Job Fair are hiring part time and full time positions. One of them includes Miracle Strip at Pier Park.

Miracle Strip at Pier Park owners tell NewsChannel 7 they need dozens of new employees and they're not alone as several businesses are opening in the Panama City Beach area.

Construction is underway at the new Miracle Strip at Pier Park site. Crews began working in December, but now Miracle Strip owners are looking to fill dozens of jobs.

"We're going to have over 26 rides. We're going to have a full food court and many different little restaurants. We'll have many little kiosks on site and it just requires a lot of people," said Jenny Meeks of Miracle Strip at Pier Park.

Once construction is finished, Miracle Strip will be 12 times larger and will have brought in more than 100 jobs. Miracle Strip owners aren't alone in their search for a large pool of job seekers.

Several stores at the new Pier Park North area will also need to fill hundreds of jobs in the next few months.

Bay County Economic Development Alliance officials say there are a mixture of part time and full time jobs in our area, but they say the spring break season creates more temporary employment.

"Seasonal or temporary jobs that are more part time do fill a need in the local economy. It keeps our unemployment numbers low. It just adds to the optimism in our local community," said Scarlett Phaneuf of the Bay County EDA.

Miracle Strip managers say a majority of their new jobs are part time and about a third are full time.

"A lot of great people that are staying with us from seasons past and we hire retirees. We hire college kids. We hire high schoolers," said Meeks.

Miracle Strip at Pier Park is expected to open by late March or early April.