Bay County Mimics PCB Scooter Regulations

Bay County Commission also adopted a scooter rental ordinance.

The ordinance is almost identical to the one Panama City Beach City Council Members adopted a few weeks ago.

It requires scooter rental companies to provide renters bright green vests and red flags on the backs of the scooters, they must also incorporate the names and addresses of anyone operating the scooters into the rental contract. Operators must read and sign a safety brochure.

They're prohibited from having alcoholic beverages on the scooter. Tthe rental business must carry liability insurance.

"Scooter insurance is so expensive because it's dangerous. It's just something that the rates are higher because of the danger involved. Plus the rates are higher because if you don't do any safety things to make it any better it's going to get higher," said Mike Thomas, Bay Co. Commissioner.

California Cycles is the only scooter rental business currently operating in unincorporated Bay County.