Bay County Monitoring Deer Point Lake Reservoir

SOUTHPORT, Fla. Drawdown gates at Deer Point Reservoir remain 100-percent open in anticipation of continued weather events that could cause water levels to rise markedly.

The gates were fully opened at 5 a.m. Monday morning in advance of a storm system that dropped up to seven inches of rainfall in the northern area of the Econfina watershed in Washington County.

The reservoir level reached 4.5 feet – more than half a foot below normal – at 7 a.m. Wednesday. By Wednesday afternoon, the reservoir was slowly beginning to rise as a massive volume of water makes its way toward Deer Point from Econfina Creek, which is beginning to show signs of cresting.

Utilities officials intend to maintain the drawdown gates’ fully open position, as the National Weather Service is predicting another rain event on Friday that could bring several more inches of water to the area. The reservoir level will be returned to normal once the weather threat has passed.

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