Bay County Ranks High in CRS Report

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Bay County-- County commissioners also discussed the county's most recent ranking s in the community rating system annual report.

The crs report rates how the county handles flooding problems.

The 2014 rating rated bay county as a "5", one of the highest in the state.

That's important, because insurance companies discount flood insurance premiums for communities that meet the goals of reducing flood damage, strengthen the support of the national flood insurance program and encourage a comprehensive approach to flood-plain management.

The "5" rating means bay county property owners should continue to receive a 25% discount off their insurance.

"Flooding in Bay County is a problem. Because of these heavy rains we've had in the last couple of years, it's been a tremendous problem. The state recognizes through their rating system, the quality of service Bay County has put it on as far as how we handle the floods," said Bill Dozier, Bay County Commissioner.

More than 1-thousand communities participate in the crs rating system.