Bay County Reacts to the Election Results

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By 10:00 Tuesday night, Barack Obama had won enough electoral votes to claim reelection to the presidency.
A day later and elections officials are still counting votes in Florida, the last state that is still undecided.
but it appears Florida will go blue for Obama, for a second time, he won here in 2008.
In the conservative panhandle, the results, for some, are hard to swallow.
"I'm extremely disappointed,” said Tim Sowell. “It was hard to sleep last night. I think we're headed in the wrong direction, towards a socialist type government."
Others, were grateful the president was elected for a second term.
"Oh, honey, I went and voted early,” said Lisa Smith. “Thank God Obama got it. Senior citizens needed this."
But even some of those who are disappointed are still hopeful the next four years will be better than the last four.
"We've got to live with it, so four more years and hopefully a change," Yonni Christo said.

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