Bay County Received Final Judgement in Battle with Tyndall Air Force Base

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PANAMA CITY - Last year, a federal judge ruled Tyndall owed the county for a rate increase the Air Force refused to acknowledge.

The county raised water rates in 2009, after making some drinking water and waste water treatment system upgrades.

But Tyndall officials refused to pay the increased amount. Tuesday, county commissioners announced a court judgement, finding the air force will have to pay the higher rates, retroactive to the rate increase.

"They ruled in our favor because we were right and it was so important because we have a contract now that everybody has to go by. We can't have one requirement that everybody pays the same thing and not stick by them. So it's very important to us that our wholesale water contract apply to everybody," said George Gainer, Bay County Commissioner.

Tyndall owes over a million dollars from the date of the lawsuit till now. Tyndall officials will have about 60 days to respond to the judgement.