Bay County Residents Hit With Scam Phone Call

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LYNN HAVEN Bay County Sheriff’s Investigators are warning residents about a scammer impersonating a sheriff's office employee. The caller tells them there's a warrant for their arrest for missing jury duty, then offers a way out. Authorities say it may be impossible to find the con artist.

People began calling the Bay County Sheriff's Office Thursday, reporting a scam. A man, claiming to be with the sheriff's office tells the potential victim they missed jury duty and he has a warrant for their arrest.

"He advised them they would be arrested unless they went to Walmart and obtained a money card and provided him with that number," explained Major Tommy Ford.

The local resident say the call came from an 850 area code.
But the suspect could be anywhere.

"What we tend to find is a lot of these calls come from overseas with what's called a spoof number,” he said. “If it is an international caller, it’s gonna be very difficult for us to pursue that type of case."

Luckily, no one fell for the scam, but officials say residents should still be aware of these type of phone calls. It could take up to a week for investigators to determine where the calls originated.