Bay County School Board Tackling Low-Performing Schools

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Panama City- The Bay County School Board is tackling the issue of low-performing school head on. Starting Thursday they'll begin visiting four of Bay County's "D" schools to come up with solutions.

Oakland Terrace Elementary is first on the list Thursday morning. School board members will meet directly with school administrators and staff. They'll first sit down with Principal Teresa Holzman briefly before touring some classrooms. There board members will have a chance to see the teachers in action and also get an opportunity to speak with them.

All of this is in an effort to figure out why Oakland Terrace and the three other title one schools are at the bottom of the performance list.

"Instead of just saying 'oh we're trying to do better,' well everyone is trying to do better. Specifically tell me what you're doing that's unique to your school to improve that grade," said Bay County School Board Member Steve Moss.

The school board will visit Patterson Elementary Friday, then Springfield and Cedar Grove Elementary Schools next week.

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