Bay County School Choice

Bay County parents can finally start choosing their children's school for the next school year.
Bay District School officials postponed school choice almost two months, because of re-zoning issues.
More than 25-hundred Bay County students attend a school out of their zone through the school choice program.
"School choice gives parents the opportunity to give input into what school they believe is best for their child to attend," said Lee Stafford, the director of student services.
“National School Choice” week too place back in February, but Bay District School officials had some elementary school rezoning problems.
"There were capacity issues at the five schools with the zoning issues, Bozeman Elementary, Southpoint, Deer Point, Tommy Smith and Waller Elementary," said Stafford.
Now that those issues have been resolved, parents could begin choosing their children's school Monday April 15th, through May14th.
Parents have a number of reasons for sending their children to out-of-zone schools.
The top reason is for convenience, others want their child to be enrolled in specific academic programs like, IB, ACE or MAPPS.
If your student will be entering kindergarten this fall, you need to enroll them in their zoned school first, before filling out the school choice application.