Bay County School Superintendent Bill Husfelt Wins Re-Election

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Bay County School Superintendent Bill Husfelt was re-elected Tuesday and will continue serving as the superintendent for the next four years.

Incumbent Husfelt gave his victory speech not long after the results started coming in Tuesday night. It was apparent early on that he was going to beat out opponent Mackie Owens, and that he did by a 65% to 35% victory.

Husfelt admitted he made some contentious decisions the past four years, but he said he was confident voters would respect those decisions and in turn support him, and it turned out for the majority they did.

Husfelt told NewsChannel 7 shortly after claiming the win Tuesday night he's ready to get right back to work and has a big agenda planned for the next term.

"We have to address some of the issues and problems. Funding has been the main thing we've been dealing with for four years and hopefully we've leveled off on that. But we have overcrowding on the beach, we have some issues with testing that keeps raising its head, we have teacher assessment. And we're going to have to keep focusing on the students, everything else is basically secondary and we want to help our students be more prepared for their futures and that's going be one of the big goals we're going to have," said Husfelt.

Owens said even though he lost he's confident the school district's future is bright.

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