Bay County Sheriff's Facebook Posts Gets Over 3,500 Likes

On his Facebook page,Sheriff Frank Mckeithen said he would not support quote "any action that proposes to limit our rights to gun ownership."

More than 3,500 people have "liked" the posting and it's been shared more than 1000 times as of Tuesday. It has also stimulated a lot of public discussion.

"I think Frank McKeithen is doing the right thing with the right to bear arms. It's going to be hard to take something away like that because if you do that it is like a null and void to the constitution,' said resident Willie Dean.

"They do not need a weapon that can fire 50 rounds in a few seconds. I mean, nobody in this county needs that as long as we are not at war and we are not at war," said resident Mark Hildebrand.

Sheriff McKeithen declined to comment about the post, saying that he wanted his words posted on Facebook to speak for him.