Bay County Sheriff's Offering Drive of Your Life

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Southport, FL-- If you think you're a good driver, then the Bay County Sheriff's Department welcomes you to put your skills to the test by driving a "skid car" at their Driving Range in Southport.

Deputies say it's to teach drivers of all ages how to react in drastic situations.

The car is fitted with specially designed skid tires which allows drivers the experience of being at the wheel of a skidding car.

"A lot of the crashes, the serious injuries and deaths occur from someone over correcting in a vehicle. You know this is not bullet proof, it's not fool proof, it's not going to work 100 percent of the time but putting them through this course at least gives them a feel for what the car does ahead of time and they're less likely to panic and gives them some experience behind the wheel of a car in that situation."

If you have a valid drivers license or learners permit then you can drive this course on Saturday.

If you would like to buy tickets please stop by the Sheriffs Office on Highway 77 in Panama City from 8 AM to 5 PM

The proceeds will go towards the Sheriff's Office's Relay for Life team.