Bay County Sheriff's Office Celebrates K9 Veterans' Day

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Callaway- This week K9's across the country will be honored for their unrelenting dedication to fighting crime. Wednesday is K9 Veterans' Day.

Locally, the Bay County Sheriff's Office saluted man's best friend Sunday at Veterans Park in Callaway. More than a dozen service dogs and their handlers were on hand.

"They're out there in the trenches with us. They get called to the worst of the worst calls, and they're put into the woods, or into an area to try to find some really bad guys," said Bay County Sheriff's Office Major Tommy Ford.

"We use dogs for so many different things now. We've found that they are so many applications that they can do from tracking, from article searches, finding people that've gone missing," BCSO Lieutenant Kevin Francis added.

Sunday's event was the 5th annual K9 Veterans' Day on behalf of the Bay County Sheriff's Office.

For more information on K9 Veterans's Day click on the following link-

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