Bay County Sheriff's Office Investigates Alleged Armed Robbery

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Callaway- The Bay County Sheriff's Office is on the look-out for an armed robber who allegedly stole a woman's purse in Callaway Saturday night.

It happened at the Boost Mobile store off North Tyndall Parkway around 9:20 p.m. The alleged victim told investigators a person wearing a black ski mask approached her while she was in her car and had a gun.

"Did you fear for you life?" asked NewsChannel 7's Bryan Anderson.

"I did. Yes because I really, I can't believe he did it. I still am in shock. I'm still shocked. I'm angry, I'm so mad, I hope he gets caught. What a weak man to shoot at, you know, a little woman that's just trying to get home from work and it's late. So after the fact, I realized how crazy and scary it is," answered robbery victim Christine Perez.

Deputies said at least one shot was fired which went into the window of her car, but the victim was not injured. According to investigators, the shooter then ran from the scene after stealing her purse. The Boost Mobile store manager said the business is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. Perez told NewsChannel 7 her family is also offering an additional $2,500. If you think you know something, call the Bay County Sheriff's Office at (850) 747-4700.

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