Bay County Site of Nationwide Cancer Prevention Study

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PANAMA CITY - For the last few months Newschannel 7 has been talking about Bay County's participation in a landmark, nationwide cancer study.

The study began Thursday, but you still have time to join the Cancer Prevention Study 3.

Nearly 200 people showed up at Bay Medical Sacred Heart Thursday afternoon to take part in the study.

Organizers say they're pleased with the turn out, but could use as many people as possible for this landmark study.

We all know someone who has been effected by cancer.

Volunteer, Joyce Randall said, "I lost my husband to cancer more than 10 years ago."

Breast Cancer Survivor, Sherry Bruce said, "I lost my mother in 2007 to colon cancer and my father is a 13 year survivor of prostate cancer."

Ruth Miley, a participant in the study, said, "My sister has lung cancer and my father passed away last week to prostate cancer."

The American Cancer Society is hoping to put an end to those type of stories within the next few decades.

The organization is conducting an ambitious research project called Cancer Prevention Study 3, or CPS 3.

They're hoping to follow about 300,000 people nationwide for up to 30 years, to see what sort of lifestyle habits prevent or contribute to someone contracting cancer.

Participants have to be between the ages of 30 and 65, and must never have had cancer.

"I''ve been cancer free and I'm healthy and maybe what I've done in the past can help someone else in the future," Miley said.

All you have to do is give a blood sample, have your waist measured, and answer a short survey.

Many who showed up Thursday believe they're committing to a small act that could have a big impact helping others.

Volunteer, Rodger Whitaker said, "Especially for future generations for our children and for our and children. It is very important that we answer these questions and we find the cures for cancer and reasons why people get cancer and how to cure it."

"One of these prior studies that researchers were instrumental in developing the cancer drug Tamoxifen and that's what I am currently taking because I am a breast cancer survivor, Bruce said."

"People are beginning to see that the more we know, the more we study, the more research we do the greater our success is going to be," Randall said.

The study moves to Gulf Coast Medical Center Friday morning.

If you haven't registered, that's okay.

Walk-ins are welcome.

You can drop by Gulf Cost Medical from 7 am to 11 Friday morning to participate.