Bay County Students Practice Safe Driving

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Several Bay County students have died this past year in car accidents and some believe many of those accidents could have been prevented, or less severe if the students had gone through some drivers training at school.
However, a shrinking budget has caused Bay County to cut drivers education from the curriculum.
Tuesday, students at Arnold High School are getting a chance to get behind the wheel and see what it is like to be a distracted driver, but in a safe way.
Research shows the fatal crash rate for teens is nearly three times greater than drivers 20 and older and many of those accidents are the result of distracted driving.
Students like Alicia Lujan, are getting to see how it feels to be driving a car while distracted.
In one simulator students put on goggles that show how a person feels when they get behind the wheel while drunk.
"It impaired my vision. Like, you couldn't see anything,” said Lujan. “Things would shift different ways than they actually would have."
Bringing these simulators into schools is part of an effort by the Bay District Schools, The Florida Department of Transportation and several other agencies.
They are working together to try and keep students safe on the roads, and know the consequences of distracted driving.
"We're hoping that when they get back to their vehicles and they think about what they've seen,” said Andrew Johnson with the Florida Department of Transportation. “That is jogs a memory."
The program organizers believe the experience is clicking for many of the students.
Students at Bay High and Mosley will get to experience the driving simulator Wednesday and Bozeman students will get a chance on Thursday.

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