Bay County Welcomes New Animal Control Manager

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Bay County is welcoming its third Animal Control Manager in three years.

Carol Treftz is replacing Bill Olasin, who stepped down in May after the Bay County Sheriff's Office and the Florida Department of Health launched an investigation into the shelter's euthanization practices.

Treftz comes to Bay County from North Carolina, where she was a Level 5 Animal Cruelty Investigator.

Carol Treftz is a level 5 animal cruelty investigator who's worked her way from California to Florida.

She landed in Panama City just four days ago.

Animal Control Manager Carol Treftz says, "There's a number of tasks that need to be implemented daily so just getting all of my staff together on the same page so we're all knowing what's going on is going to be a start for me."

Treftz has her work cut out for her.

She's replacing Bill Olasin who left amid accusations of poor record-keeping and questionable euthanization procedures.

Apparently the shelter was using more sodium phenobarbital than needed for the number of euthanization cases.

Those type issues forced County Officials to reconsider the type person they need for the job.

Bay County Manager Ed Smith says, "The previous time we hired a manager we were more focused on hiring a manager that could control management issues. This time we really looked for someone with shelter background and experience as well as being a good manager."

In the first 3 days, Treftz has already switched the shelter to a different cleaning solution, preventing parvo in dogs, and she's installed fans to keep the animals cool.

She's also planning to change the name from "Animal Control" to "Animal Services".

But her biggest goal is to build a larger shelter in the next five years.

Treftz says, "The county's growing, with more influence of people coming to Bay County comes more animals so there will be a need for a bigger shelter."

Treftz want to create a dog-acquaintance-room for families considering adoption.

She hopes to have that acccomplished in the next six months.

Tuftz says, "One day at a time, that's all i can do. One day at a time."

She's also hoping to build a glass-partitioned play area for cats to promote socialization.