Bay County Battles High Child Abuse Numbers

In 2012, Bay and it's surrounding counties in the Circuit 14 courts saw a total of 130 individual charges of child abuse or neglect, none of those more memorable than the Timothy Foxworth child abuse case, but even on a lesser level, according to officials at Big Bend, there are more allegations of child abuse in and around Bay County than there are in the much larger Tallahassee.

Pinwheels for prevention have been placed outside of Big Bend offices on Harrison Avenue to remind the community what they can do to help.

"But if you expect abuse or neglect, even if it's in the grocery store call and let us get out there and let us see what's going on. You never know if you could save a child that way," says Mary Helen Barnes of Big Bend.

If you do suspect child abuse or neglect, you can call 1-800-96-abuse.

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