Bay County's EOC Partially Activated for Freezing Weather Conditions

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PANAMA CITY - The east side of Bay County remains crippled Wednesday afternoon, with a blanket of ice. Its keeping many people in their homes, and forcing business to shut down for the day.

Bay County Emergency Operations Center officials tell NewsChannel 7 they are partially activated at a level 2. That means they are continuing to watch the weather, precipitation levels, and power outages.

Officials did say they prepared for something worse Tuesday night by having staff stay over night and even having shelters open. They say more would have to happen for the EOC to be fully activated.

"If we had a major event like this where we had ice, an ice storm,
so to speak, if we had power outages, that would be considered a major event and likely take us to a level one," said Brad Monroe, Deputy Chief of the Bay County EOC.

Monroe says they also plan to work with FHP and DOT officials to be informed of road closures and EMS logistics.

The main message officials are saying is for residents to stay off the roads if possible.