Investigation into Another Arnold High Teacher Resumes

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PANAMA CITY - A former student accused Karisa Wesley and another teacher of regularly drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana with him and another former student-athlete several years ago when they were students.

The student also accused Wesley of having a sexual relationship with the other student.

Superintendent Bill Husfelt suspended her with pay nearly a month ago and was recommending she be fired, but school board members decided to hire their own private investigator to check out the allegations.

When Wesley's attorney told school district officials she planned to resign this week, they stopped the investigation into her behavior.

"The fact that it simply ended as abruptly as it did, I think, leaves questions, which we would have liked to have had answered, but, once again, we did what we felt was the fair thing to do and that was to try to search out evidence of the truth," said Ginger Littleton, a school board member.

School district officials say they will now focus their efforts on the investigation of another Arnold teacher.

"That was kind of on hold, while we were working through this situation, so we'll resume working on that situation," said Sharon Michalik, Executive Director of Human Resources for Bay District.

Wesley will remain on the payroll until she exhausts her leave time October 16th and she will not return to campus.

Bay District school board members will have to approve Wesley's resignation before she is no longer a school employee.