Bay District Schools Postpones School Choice Week

About half of the nation's governors have declared this week "National School Choice Week".
Bay District Schools will participate later this year because of possible re-zoning issues.
Nearly 2,500 Bay County public school students attended a school other than the one they were zoned to attend last year.
They were able to have that option because of the school choice program open enrollment .
School choice gives parents the option to send their children to a school outside of the zone where they live.
"It's giving parents that input to make decisions about where their children are going to attend school," said Lee Stafford, the director of student services.
There are a number of reasons parents chose a different school for their child, many times it is because of a certain academic program like IB, ACE or MAPPS.
"Usually they must meet a certain requirement and criteria to be approved for the program," said Stafford.
Other reasons include after school care and transportation.
"It's really school choice options for parents,” Stafford said. “Typically the Bay District open enrollment would start February 1, this year there's been a delay to that."
But school officials are considering possible re-zoning, so they have postponed enrollment.
Parents have been calling the schools to find out the new open enrollment period, but it has not been scheduled.
School district officials say open enrollment will take place as soon as the re-zoning issues are resolved.
Officials say the number of families participating in the school choice program across the state of Florida is increasing each year.