Bay District School Officials Asking for Input

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BAY COUNTY-- Bay District Schools are extending the deadline for staff, parents, and students to complete their climate surveys.

Each year, the school district posts a 50 question survey on its website to receive feedback about the past school year.

District officials are eager to hear feedback from the community about local schools.

However, they say the response so far has been poor.

"I think sometimes people are concerned for two reasons: One they think the survey may be too long and they didn't want to take the time to do it. Or that in some way they can be identified," said Lisa Pitts, School Improvement Specialist.

Many don't realize the survey is anonymous and filling it out is easy.

The short survey is short asks questions about you or your child's teachers, learning environment, and satisfaction with our schools.

"This is what we use to improve our schools and strengthen our schools. We look at areas of our strength and we want to continue in that. We look at areas of concern and weakness, and we want to correct those areas of concern and weaknesses," Pitts said.

The survey ends April 11th, so you have just a few days left to log on, and give your opinion about Bay District Schools.