Bay District Schools Helping Hundreds Moving to Tyndall AFB

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A major move is taking place for air force families. 21-raptors and 8 T-38 talons are getting set to be transferred from Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico to Tyndall.

Along with the aircraft, Tyndall will receive 620-active duty personnel and 230-air force reservists and there will most likely be additional civilian jobs created by the move.

The families from Holloman Air Force Base are already making the transition.

That also means Bay District Schools are about to get hundreds of new students.

So the district is helping make the transition for military families a little easier.

School officials say most of what needs to be done to integrate the new students into the school system can be done in advance.

"They can go online and they can accomplish everything they need to, so when they get here the first day, those kids can start school and that means a lot to those families knowing that the school system is willing to accept them and help them to get them in schools and get their children in the right classes," said Superintendent, Bill Husfelt.

The additional jets and new mission will pump millions of dollars into the local economy.

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