Bay District Schools Hires New Director of Transportation

Bay District School officials have also selected a new Director of Transportation for the upcoming school year.

Superintendent Bill Husfelt recommended Robert Downin from Santa Rosa County's School District Transportation during Tuesday's school board meeting.

Downin is currently the general manager of the privatized company for Santa Rosa County.

School board members approved Downin for the job, saying they hope new leadership will make the transportation department more efficient.

"In the past I think you could argue, our transportation wasn't as efficiently run as it should have been. Hopefully this new individual coming in with new ideas and and new ways of doing things to kind of bring us back up to where we need to be," said School Board Member, Steve Moss.

School board officials have looked at privatizing the bus services in the past, to save money, but have never gone through with it.

Downin takes over as the new Transportation Director next Monday.