Bay District Schools May Lower Ad Valorem Millage Rate

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Some good news coming out of Tuesday's Bay County school board meeting. Property owners could be getting a tax break.

Board members are considering a lower ad valorem millage rate.
One mill equals a dollar for every one thousand dollars in property value after exemptions.

The current school board millage rate is 6.858. The board is considering a drop to 6.761, or about a 10th of a mill.

That will save home and business owners about 5-dollars for every 50-thousand dollars in property value.

"A lot of different factors. I think good budgeting on our part, but a lot of factors contributed to the millage going down and we're excited about that," said Superintendent, Bill Husfelt.

Board members say they can make the cuts because property values are increasing and the district is expecting more funding from the state.

They'll vote on the recommendation during Wednesday night's budget meeting.

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