Bay District Schools On-line Registration

Lines were long Monday at the Bay District Schools offices. As of Monday morning only about 75% of Bay County students were registered for school with classes beginning Tuesday.

The new online registration program was implemented for this coming school year as a way to improve parents accessibility to their child's records and communication between the schools and parents.

Students will still be able to attend school Tuesday even if they are not registered online but parents will have to go through the process as soon as possible.

Superintendent Bill Husfelt says the program is necessary and puts safety and contact information as some of the most important reasons for the online registration.

"The only way we're gonna be able to keep up with parents' contact information is if we make them be the ones to go in and put it online because we have to have contact information for these children's families," said Husfelt.

If you haven't registered your children yet, click on the link below. The process only takes about 10 minutes.