Bay District Schools Reacts to PARCC Withdrawal

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PANAMA CITY - Bay District School officials are looking to state leaders to see what's next for education standards. Many have already started training on the new curriculum.

The Common Core standards replacing the controversial FCAT were supposed to use the PARCC assessment as a final examination, but school district officials say that's not the case anymore.

This past summer thousands of Bay County teachers were trained on the state education standards coming their way.

Teachers were told that the FCAT would be phased out by the PARCC test, which would be completely online. School district officials are now looking at other options.

"We have been talking about other options for a while. So ACT, SAT, SAT-10, EOCs, there may be many other things we're looking out there that might take the place of a PARCC exam," said Superintendent Bill Husfelt.

The PARCC test did draw some concerns of whether there would be enough computers for every student to take the test.

The new Common Core state standards are still expected to gradually phase in over the next two school years.

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